Map of Japan and the Chinese Empire

While browsing today in the wake up my odd honor, I came across this map from the Perry-Castañeda Library Map Collection‘s Cambridge Modern History Atlas, 1912


This map struck me because it reverses the standard view of China and Japan. Instead of a whole China and an expansionary Japanese Empire, it shows the Rising Sun’s lands as just “Japan,” while being careful to separate China from Chinese dependencies. Observe the rump China:


And the majestic Japan


A good reminder of what a Gap was a century ago, and that Japan had built a Core with Creating.

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    “Chosun Hae (Sea of Chosun)”
    1809 Ilbonbyeongyeong-yagdo by 高橋景保, source Forgotten “Sea of Chosun” and “Chosun Strait”
    1643 from Robert Dudley’s Dell’ Arcano del Mare,source Historical Atlas of the North Pacific Ocean by Derek Hayes

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