One Good Turn Deserves Another

Sibby Online, one of the founding members of the South Dakota Blog Alliance, was kind enough to add Jim River Report (another tdaxp blog) to his “Sibby Featured Blogs.” It is now the third most prominent hyperlink on his entire site, after the top banner and Sibby’s email. Long-time tdaxp readers will remember that Sibby was also a partner in the blog swarm against .

To thank Sibby, who does tireless work for the South Dakota Blogosphere, here’s a list of some of the news he is breaking right now

and more. Check Sibby Out.

2 thoughts on “One Good Turn Deserves Another”

  1. While I must acknowledge his aide in the NationMaster bloc, I have read Sibby on his own site and in comments on others (CCK and Thunewatch come to mind.)

    As a moderate Democrat who occasionally agrees with Dan and will vote for McCain, Sibby is a blind partisan asshole.

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