Of Senators and Seuss

With apologies to Chirol, as well as myself and some others


More below the fold…

Of course, Attorney General can be as bad as the liberals….


In other news, as a South Dakotan living in Nebraska, I am thrilled to announce that (D-SD) and (D-NE) have announced their support for Justice for the Supreme Court. As the other senators of Nebraska (Chuck Hagel) and South Dakota () are Republican, this probably means my states are 4-for-4 “4” confirmation!

3 thoughts on “Of Senators and Seuss”

  1. This may be a sign of the end of the world: Daily Kos is right.

    “The reality is that the Democratic strategy to this scandal appears to be what the Democratic strategy is to every Bush scandal: “OMGODZ! Look! Hez so bad! Bad, Bush, bad!””

    The article's suggestions are over the map – some possibly wise, others possibly foolish. But that analysis is exactly right.

    Catch the rest of the entry:


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