Academic Geography Agitprop

AAG: Thursday Morning Update,” Catholicgauze, 9 March 2006,

While Dan Nexon worries about “ring wing political correctness” and Rodger Paine mocks the concerned, academia continues its history of being an ideological conversion machine for the Left.

Blogfriend Catholicgauze is attending 102nd Annual Association Association of American Geographers convention. The AAG interest organizations, such as Socialist & Critical Geography Specialty Group, clearly have rubbed Catholicgauze the wrong way. In particular, poor Dr. Mohameden Ould-Mey has drawn C’s ire…

Particularly, Catholicgauze lambasts Dr. Ould-Mey’s paper, New Conservatives or Old Zionists? The Conspiracy against Iraq to Secure Israel. He doesn’t mention it, but I would imagine he would dislike The Non-Zionist Future of Palestine: The Other Roadmap to Peace and The Non-Jewish Origin of Zionism as well.

My point isn’t that Dr. Ould-Mey shouldn’t have the right to publish this, or even that it is bad as such for a university to higher him.

Rather, the point is that Dr. Ould-Mey’s speech is political speech. Most journal and conference articles are, since the only thing they achieve is to change the minds of others in the social sciences: that is, alter constructions to something politically closer than the author’s.

Massive budgetary support of politically polarized debating societies such as the AAG would be troublesome enough if not combined with the strange decision to combine the role of journal article writer (that is, political debtor) with the role of educator. Academia is part of the correlation of forces for the American political Left. Not only do tax dollars subsidy this bastion: it helps it win converts through undergraduate education at American universities.

This should stop. Agitprop, like Catholicgauze‘s post, is part of the solution.