A Border Runs Through It: A Strange Frontier in North America

Federalism. Small government. Freedom. Wealth. The Constitution. Power. The benefits of admitting the 31 Mexican United States to our Union seem almost endless. But there’s one more that must be mentioned: secure borders.


Defend America. Annex Mexico.

In a humorous piece on using Jack Bauer to achieve Continental Union,

Our new southern border would be 696 miles long as compared to the 2,000 miles that we currently must defend


This is a real concern. The length of our border is a structural weakness in our defenses


It is very easy to enter our nation over this long, flat, dry stretch. The border even includes twin cities, such as San Diego / Tijuana, Calexico / Mexicali, El Paso / Ciudad Juarez, Laredo / Nuevo Laredo, and Brownsville / Matamoros. Given that cities, as complex adaptive systems, need interaction to grow, the location of the border forces of to choose between growth and security. We’ve chosen growth.

By drawing a line across our continent, we have put ourselves in this situation. The solution is obvious: untie with Mexico. Instead of an irrational border through the middle of our great island, this will be the border:


Only 753 miles of inhospitable border. Instead of two-thousand miles of wide-open frontier.

We all want border control. We get it best by admitted Mexico to the United States of America.