Legalize Prostitution to Prevent a Repeat of the Duke Lacrosse Rape Fiasco

First, the facts:

“Incall(1hr) $300 * special $250*;GFE
Incall(1/2hr) $175
**Additional hours 250

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– $3150 *24 hrs*

Swing Clubs $350 1hr ( $200 per additional hour)

The content of this site does not represent an offer for prostitution.
Please understand that money exchange for escort is for time and companionship only!
Time together may include services such as escorting, modeling, exotic non medical massage, strip performance, fetish or fantasy role play.
No fees or tips will be solicited, quoted, negotiated, considered or collected in exchange for sexual conduct as defined by New Jersey and New York Laws.
Anything else that may occur is a matter of personal choice between two or more consenting adults of legal age, and is not contracted for, nor requested to be contracted for or compensated for in any manner.”
Bunny Hole Entertainment
“New Jersey / New York Female Escorts In and out Call”

Next, the theory:

Some who work for Bunny Hole Entertainment are prositutes. She are convicted criminals. That much is clear. But little else about the Duke Lacrosse Rape case is.

In order to avoid this degree of confusion and similar episodes of sexual revenge among disadvantaged communities, the solution is obvious: legalize prostitution.

The dreams of those on the Right and the Left who would create a New Style of Man, those who (unlike CS Lewis) hate girls dancing, we are stuck with humans and human nature. Humans are not robots born blank, like a naked computer. Rather, as researches like Hibbing and Kurzban, we have built-in computer code that makes us human.

We should not rage at each other for weaknesses, or despise each other for faults. Rather, as God said in Leviticus:

“‘Do not seek revenge or bear a grudge against one of your people, but love your neighbor as yourself.”

If we are to love one another, while maintaining the concept of government, we should strive to minimize pain while not pretending we can make perfect people. Anti-prostitution laws are thus suspect, not only because they weaken true moral prohibitions, not only because they make criminals out of make criminals out of men and women who commit no violence, not only because they limit the reach of the law by increasing those who are hesitant to go to the law, but because if prostitution is criminal, then more prostitutes will be criminals.

This isn’t just a tautology. , for instance, is a sexual predator. She’s also a prostitute. Because prostitution is unregulated, there’s no quick online database one can bring up to certify that someone isn’t HIV positive, or sexual predator, or even an illegal immigrant (if you care about border security). Such open laws are also likely to crack down on racially motivated witch-hunts.

Nor is there a contradiction between legalized prostitution and religosity. Iraq is one of the most religious states in the world, for instance, yet its free government recently legalized that service industry.

We can pretend that sexualization is a recent phenomenon and will soon go away (which is rather unlikely), or we make laws for humanity as it is.

Let’s hope we choose correctly.

4 thoughts on “Legalize Prostitution to Prevent a Repeat of the Duke Lacrosse Rape Fiasco”

  1. I agree (and with drugs the benefits would be even larger). Besides all the domestic benefits, you would take away drugs as a center of instability in the Gap.

    Another benefit, too. The Midwest is being ravaged by methamphetimines, which are both trivially easy to create and extremely damaging to the brain.

    Problems don't go away if we criminalize them. But we can typically make them worse by doing so.

  2. I had similar thoughts for our own homegrown “Gaps”… how many minorities are locked up because of drug-related charges, leaving kids behind who grow up without fathers?
    It seems almost criminal in itself to imprison so many for a crime like drugs, a self-inflicted drag on the national economy, the potential of countless citizens and a drain on government (local, state and federal) to pursue the misguided war on drugs.

  3. Eddie,

    Exactly right. In fact, it's worse than that.

    Creativity, Talent, and Expertise [1] rely on accumulated advantages. Those who change their domains have a series of “lucky breaks” which are only in part luck: they are in good environments with a high likely hood of serendipitous.

    Being arrested on a drug charge is not a lucky break. Indeed, it's one that's very lucky to prevent future advantages.

    For underfunctional minorities, drug lacks hurt by preventing the accumulation of even the minimum number of advantages needed to be functional. For others, it may merely prevent them from gaining the expertise necessary to create something revolutionary later in life.

    Either way, society loses.

    As do the victims of the drug laws.


  4. I think you're exactly right. Although there is never any excuse for rape (which the evidence doesnt seem to show happened at Duke in this particular instance) there are ways to discourage it. Despite the unscientific theory that “rape isn't about sex, its about aggression,” countries with more liberal attitudes and laws on sex and pornography have less rape. As porn for all tastes has become steadily more avaliable in the United States via the internet, the rape rate has declined. I read one study (I can look it up after work) that showed an inverse correlation between viewing violent porn and committing violent sex crimes.

  5. Mike,

    You are correct that working for a whorehouse does not make one a whore. Likewise, I am sure that many girls throughout Asia are barfined merely because they were not at their posts, and thus paying a fine to their employer is only right.

    Unlike some, I would think no less of Ms. Mangum if she has chosen that profession. Indeed, my post is aimed at making life better, not worse, for prostitutes.

    Adam, I agree.

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