The Abortion of Tolerable European Islam

Chirol’s recent three part series on the Third World in the United States (I,II, and III) warn us of the dangers of importing dysfunctional cultures to the developed world. “Connectivity” is not the answer to cultures that been destroyed. Especially if the new host culture is its inflexible.

Germans in a Brothel
(No Blasphemous Imagery, Inshallah!)

Which is why the Islamization of Europe is idiotic.

I’m sympathetic towards immigration, and I have traditionally supported Turkey-in-Europe. But all over Europe, we see violent resistance by Muslim immigrants (and their descendants) combined with insane government actions.

The application of terrorism to the mundane is now a Muslim-European tradition. Not only was Theo van Gogh murdered for speech that did not pass the Islamist test, now his replacement has been attacked, too. And a brothel has been threatened by anti cartoonist Muslim thugs for having the wrong images on their display.

European governments are responding with that mix of heartlessness and counter-productiveness which marked their efforts in the World Wars. The Netherlands wonder if modest Muslim women should be ineligible for the social safety net. And Finland turns on its own, and may arrest cartoonists in an effort to pre-emptively surrender.

Turkey’s marriage to the European Union would have been one of the greatest moves in geopolitical history. But with the inability of Europe to mainstream its Muslim population, it maybe a journey too far.