The Tyranny of Superintendents

Let Them Eat Cake!,” by Nathan Shock, Fresh Blue, 30 April 2006,

Earlier, tdaxp reported on the insane powergrab of John Mackiel, Superintendent of Omaha Public Schools, that ended with the Nebraska legislature dismembering OPS. Now Pam Homan, Sioux Falls School District superintendent and noted grinch, is seeing what she can achieve.

The first public misstep was to continue defending a hopeless lawsuit from teacher Barbara Wigg, who had sued when Homan’s predecessor told Wigg she could not help lead an after-school Christian activity for children at her school. Wigg won, but not before the district appealed multiple times. When the school board finally decided to drop the suit, the Argus Leader savaged them in a Dec. 17, 2004 editorial saying it’s “the first smart thing the district has done since this mess started.” The school district was also forced to repay Wigg’s court costs and their total bill (not covered by insurance) for the suit was $154,000.

There have been other smaller miscues (rules were changed to allow Homan to reside outside the district, the football bus scandal, etc.), but the latest public relations blunder takes the cake. It’s almost too much to comprehend. The school district is barring two high school seniors, Jake Wampler and Nick Kelly, from participating in graduation ceremonies later this month. Why? Because they failed too many classes? Were caught with illegal substances? Had too many detentions?

Not even close. Kelly is one credit short after missing almost a year of high school due to a battle with leukemia. Wampler, who is five credits short, had his heart stop last year during football practice and he’s been undergoing treatment for a brain injury. Sounds like a couple of slackers, huh?

The two seniors’ classmates are threatening to boycott the graduation ceremonies. Read the entire story. The responses of Homan and the school board are unbelievable. I can’t remember a government institution ever coming off as badly as in this case. Two kids, who have battled life-threatening illnesses, persevere and come so close to graduating are being denied the opportunity to walk across a stage with their classmates. It would be hard for Disney to come up with a more vile villain.

Argus Leader executive Editor Randell Beck has written yet another editorial critical of Homan, saying that she’s once again staked out ground that is legally sound and morally indefensible. He asks the question: can someone explain to me how our society would crumble if we allowed Nick Kelly and Jake Wampler to join their Lincoln High School classmates at graduation ceremonies next month?

The bizarre administration of Pam Homan will be long remembered in Sioux Falls. While I have rarely met Homan, I have often met with people extremly close to her, and her tenure has been a complete shock. An evangelical-fundamentalist fight a fool’s errand to keep Christian after-school clubs away from campus is one thing. Someone who bended the district’s rules so she can live in another district, while keeping students who fought for life away from graduation because of a summer’s worth of credits, continue this.

South Dakota’s Sioux Falls Schools District, like Nebraska’s Omaha Public Schools, is always in the public eye. As the biggest and richest districts in their states, SFSD and OPS have to be aware that the rural majority of their states want to see them gone.

Risking negative publicity to do good may be wise. Risking everything for a power trip, as Superintendents Homan and Mackiel are, probably isn’t.

Mexaphobia: An "I Hate Linux" Special Report

Brendan of I Hate Linux, who recently penned the editorial on the Fair Tax Revolution, returns to share his views on Mexican immigration. You already know mine.

Brendan is a Noted Fan of Mexican Immigration

Alright… I’m pissed again.

As a rule of law sort of guy, I believe that for this great country to continue to exist the current law on the books needs to be enforced and I find it reprehensible that a group of people who have already shown complete disregard and their disrespect for the laws of this country have the balls to demand ‘rights’ in these anti-American protests that are occurring throughout the country today, but also to effectively engage in economic-terrorism in their attempts to shut down so many American cities.

Brendan continues…

The one good thing I think that will come out of this is that it will help to polarize not only the American people but also the American government against these invaders and together take steps that would weaken the existing trespassers socially and politically as well as make it harder for more to come across.

Maybe I’m just naïve… but last I checked rights come with responsibilities which amongst other things includes obeying the law. Giving rights or easy paths to citizenship to those who have so blatantly disregarded our laws sends a clear and dangerous message to the rest of the world that we do not respect our own laws and don’t really care if people break them.

What’s next? Giving amnesty to home burglars, bank robbers or corporate crooks?

Those who say that there is no way we can round up and deport the 12 some million Mexican aliens are right… but not why you’d think.

Imagine for a moment the number of planes, trains and automobiles that would be required to transport the estimated 12 millions illegals if we could round them all up. Because of a pesky little issue related to national sovereignty and border security, each of these vehicles would require the permission of the Mexican government to enter the country… something they would never give for two very important reasons:

First up, the Mexican economy would suddenly lose a huge influx of effectively free money (to them) that is sent from illegal workers in the US to their families back in Mexico.

If that wasn’t bad enough, Mexico would have to deal with some 12 million out of work people who would be a major drain on the already weakened Mexican economy. To add insult to injury this new 12 million, likely disillusioned people would represent a large voting block that could lead to major political change, something that Mexican President Vicente Fox surly wouldn’t want.

So unless we decide to invest in 12 million parachutes and invade their airspace… we are not going to forcibly remove them… but there is still a way which I will get to in just a moment.

While President Bush pushes big on his amnesty program, he has done virtually nothing to enforce existing immigration laws or secure our borders against this ongoing invasion and until our borders are secured, any guest worker program is a waste of time and money as it will still be relatively easy for these invaders to come into the country and get work illegally, after all why go legal when it’s so much easier to stay illegal?

When such discussions come up I often think back to a cousin of mine who a number of years back married a wonderful man from Germany (an anesthesiologist even) and despite being married to an American citizen, it took a great deal of time, work and money for him while following the rules to eventually be able to legally work in this country.

Sure, having some or all of the 31 Mexican states join the United States under our constitution might resolve these issues in the long run, until we can show our resolve in the face of this adversary, most actions that have been advocated would simply be capitulation to those threatening us with harm.

I’ve heard many theories on how the current issue can be fixed and the best I’ve heard so far is this four point plan:

  • Close the borders – Deploy the National Guard and build a wall along the US/Mexican border making it impossible for anyone to get across without our permission.
  • Actively fine employers – Make it extremely painful for a company to knowingly hiring an illegal alien or other individual who does not have the right to work in this country.
  • Lose the freebiess – Deny ALL tax funded social services to persons illegally in this country EXCEPT for life-saving medical treatment.
  • Tax wire transfers
  • – Add a 30-50% tax/fee/fine on all money transfers from people illegally in this country to someone in another country.

(Note: The fines/fees collected from point #2 and #4 would go directly towards border security)

Under such a plan the United States would be able to effectively fight back against these invaders in a war of attrition where we would make it so miserable for these people to stay in our country that they would have no choice but to leave.

The United States has granted amnesty to trespassers like these several times before and as a result we ended up with the same problem over and over again of countless new invaders ignoring our laws, violating our sovereignty and demanding things which they have no right to.

History has shown that amnesty is not even a temporary fix to this predicament and until our borders are secure, all other discussions of any kind of ‘rights’ for the estimated 12 million invaders is moot.

Joe Biden Wants to Dismember Iraq (Good)

Joe Biden, a man running for President in 2008, has delighted this blogger by endorsing the tdaxp plan for victory in Iraq.

Iraq should be divided into three largely autonomous regions — Kurd, Sunni Arab and Shiite Arab — with a weaker central government in Baghdad, Sen. Joseph Biden said on Monday.

In an op-ed article in The New York Times, Biden, the Senate Foreign Affairs Committee’s top Democrat, said the Bush administration’s effort to establish a strong central government in Baghdad had been a failure, doomed by ethnic rivalry that had spawned widespread sectarian violence.

“It is increasingly clear that President Bush does not have a strategy for victory in Iraq. Rather, he hopes to prevent defeat and pass the problem along to his successor,” said Biden and co-author Leslie Gelb, president emeritus of the Council on Foreign Relations.

Iraq’s Sunnis, the driving force behind the insurgency, would welcome the partition plan rather than be dominated by a Shiite-controlled central government, Biden said.

He said the division of Iraq would follow the example of Bosnia a decade ago when that war-torn country was partitioned into ethnic federations under the U.S.-brokered Dayton Accords.

Biden billed his plan as ,b>a “third option” beyond the “false choice” of continuing the Bush administration policy of nurturing a unity government in Iraq or withdrawing U.S. troops immediately.

As part of the plan, the United States should withdraw most of its troops from Iraq by 2008, except for a small force to combat terrorism, Biden said.

Under Biden’s proposal, the Kurdish, Sunni and Shiite regions would each be responsible for their own domestic laws, administration and internal security. The central government would control border defense, foreign affairs and oil revenues.

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