SummerBlog ’06

For the next month, I will be out of town. Indeed, I will be out of the country. Your brave blogger is going behind enemy lines, to the tdaxp-censoring People’s Republic of China. While visiting Beijing I hope to be able to post updates and respond to comments. However, this is not assured. In order to guarantee that the blog will be updated, every day, I am announcing four new tdaxp series as part of SummerBlog ’06. In order:

  • Redefining the GapThomas PM Barnett defines “The Gap” as most of Africa, all Islamic countries, the Balkans, South East Asia, the Caribbean, and the northern portions of Latin America. But is this accurate? An investigation into different models of the Gap — and some surprising results.
  • Perspectives and PeersBuilding rationality may or may not be the purpose of education, but how does one do this? Research using books, classroom-use articles, peer-reviewed articles, and an interview with a major blogger/educator shed light on the roles of multiple perspectives and peer interaction
  • Variations of the OODA LoopJohn Boyd created the OODA loop, a model of cognition widely used today. Really? What is the “OODA loop,” and how many OODA loops are there?
  • Coming AnarchyChirol, Curzon, and Younghusband have built a project by two bloggers into one of the best sites on the internet. Building off Howard Gardner, Mihaly Cziksentmihalyi, Kenneth Kiewra, and other experts on the subject of “creativity,” an in-depth investigation of what makes a great blog great.