The Summer Palaces of tdaxp and PRC

Coming Anarchy covered my journey to Tiananmen and the surrounding neighborhood. The next days travel was more humble: the Imperial Summer Palace. Signs throughout the palace discuss how nearly every building was burnt by the Anglo-French Allied Forces in 1860, and rebuilt shortly afterwards. No reference to what prompted the intervention. In posters for later on, the Boxer Terrorists are described as a “Reform Movement.”

On another blog, Bob shares his pictures and notes that one could walk for two days and not see everything. That’s definitely true.

And now, without further ado, beginning with the drive…

A Small River Near tdaxp’s Summer Palace

Korean BBQ

Islamic Eats

A Lot of Buses (Near the Imperial Summer Palace)

Even More Buses (Nearer the Summer Palace)

Ruins (The Non-Cool Kind) Immediately Outside the Summer Palace

Dragon and Babies

The Old and the Ancient

Watching an Opera

An Almost Empty Courtyard (There’s Lots of These)

The Bitch!

There Are Many Chinese People

Utility v. Aesthetics

A Lake, Some Boats, A Bridge, An Island

Across the Lake

Another Imposing Palatial Building

Arches, but not McDonald’s

Marching Across the Bridge to the Island

A Cow Enjoys the View. A Statue of a Farm Animal is Also Visible.

Boats were Available for a Reasonable Fee

Framing that would make the AMDB Proud

YAIP (Yet An Another Imposing Palatial Building)

The Thing About Chinese: There’s A Lot of Them

One thought on “The Summer Palaces of tdaxp and PRC”

  1. For our readers, Catholicgauze's comment is a reference to perhaps the most idiotic statement we have ever heard. During an impromptu lecture about a group of Armenian terrorists who took over the Ottoman central bank and proceeding to kill hostages, that phrase was uttered.

    Of course, in the same setting we heard about (hypothetical) concentration camps at Ellsworth AFB…

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