Old Beijing (Beijing Tian Zhu Jiao Hui) and Teatown (Cha Cheng)

If there was a theme today, it was awful service. Just terrible. As every day until now we have received only embarrasingly good service, I don’t know if all the good help is at home on Sundays or if the air pollution has just gotten to me. If there’s a theme song, it’s probably what we came up with in the cab ride from Old Beijing to Teatown

“Going on down to Teatown
Going to have our selves a time
Tea to drink, day or night
Teetotalers without temptation

Going on down to Teatown
Going to meet some friends of mine
Chinese Faces Everywhere
People saying “ni hao lao wei”

And now, the photos:

A Touristy Area of Beijing



Where Public Transportation Leads: Bus-Lock

A Shrine Under Renovation at the CPCA (Communist Catholic) Headquarters

CPCA Calendar

View Into a Courtyard

Many Chinese Enjoy Imprisoning Animals (“Keeping Pets”)

Replacing Wood with Bricks

Old Man and Statue of Old Man

The Lake

I last Enjoyed Tolerated Heineken in Aruba

No Ducks Allowed!

Street Scene



A Tennessean in Beijing

A Tourist Bar

View from the Tourist Bar

Woman with dog

Fishing in the old lake

Bar Blasphemy? (There’s also a Living Waters bar down the road)


View from Starbucks Outdoor Seating

Having Lived in authentic Beijing, I’ve Become Fascinated with Lao wai

The Yunanese Who Told Us Our Restaurant Has Run Out of Rice!

These papers must have been fascinating — as the staff and manager checked them like ten bajillion times

A Church

Street Mah Jong

Passing Mao Bye

Chinese National Opera House

Tea-House in Tea-Town

Modern Skyskraper Construction comes to Tea Town

Teletubbies / Children Concert Bordering Tea Town

Mr. Tea

Not all Pollution is Because of Cars and Capital Steal: Door-to-Door Coal Doesn’t Help

When This Becomes a Normal View, You Know Your Vacation is Cool

3 thoughts on “Old Beijing (Beijing Tian Zhu Jiao Hui) and Teatown (Cha Cheng)”

  1. Shawn,

    Thanks! I agree with your comments on the pollution — that even became a theme of my latest pictures of Xiangshan (Fragrant Hills) [1].

    I love your photos of Beijing [2], but I see you included a powerpoint. No opendocument presentation? 🙂

    PS: I like your logistical analysis of Kaesong too. [3]

    [1] http://www.tdaxp.com/archive/2006/05/15/fragrant-hills-xiangshan-and-thoughts-on-smog.html
    [2] http://asiagander.typepad.com/asia_gander/2006/05/china_trip_impr.html
    [3] http://asiagander.typepad.com/asia_gander/2006/04/kaesong_industr_2.html

  2. Thanks for the comments, Dan. I have enjoyed your pictures of the Beijing area, as well as your other posts related to Barnett’s work.

    I am still working on Kaesong, and should have posts up on the political, security, and people flows within the next week or two.

    Take care of those lungs!


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