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The press release for Redefining the Gap has found some fans, including Critt Jarvis (of the “gaming as a public media platform” Connecting in Conversation blog), Future Creaters, and Kobuyashi Maru are fans. Curtis Gale Weeks and Sean Meade (Barnett’s blogger-in-chief) have already weighed in.

On that note, Tom’s kind words stunned me. Mark kindly supplied a link.

The Asia Logistics Blog found my motely collection of China pictures interesting, as did Catholicgauze, Chirol, and Sean. I had a wonderful conversation with Dan of China Law Blog.

George Curzon of Coming Anarchy blatantly plagiarized an old tdaxp article. CA has been really trolling the CG and tdaxp archives recently… 😉

Catholicgauze notes tdaxp attention in his brewing jihad against

While I wait for the season finale of LOST to be available for download, I listen to LOSTCasts (a theory-heavy podcast that Generally Speaking, an old tdaxp favorite, recommended). LOSTCasts is a very tdaxp-y podcast: if an audio feed could come with charts, I’m sure LOSTCasts’ would. From LOSTCasts I found this extremely well crafted video about the birth of the Hanso Foundation.

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  1. Cliff — glad to have you as a reader!

    I was in Beijing for a month, and it was wonderful to download the episodes and then listen to the podcasts for the thought of you, Stephanie, and the other LOST podcasters! LOST isn't on Chinese Central Television yet, so you were my connection to the rest of the LOST world 🙂

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