Chinese Fast Food

For this post on Tianjin, a journey to the most mysterious and oriental of all Chinese customs: McDonalds.


To my delight and horror, the best received of my journeys to China wasn’t the Forbidden City, or the Great Wall, or even the Heavenly Temple. Nope, it was Chinese breakfast cereals. The post got a lot of comments for a series of pictures, and even made it to Thomas P.M. Barnett :: Weblog. Well, vox populi, vox dei, I guess. Following is the logical companion to that piece, Chinese McDonalds.

The breakfast for the day I would go to see the blasted ocean (stay tuned!), an eggburger



Egg, catchup, cheese. YICK

Breakfast successfully eaten. I didn’t like the burger, but the coffee and the hashbrown were to die for.

The outer packaging of a double cheeseburger. This lunch was immediately after entering Tianjin.

The top view looks familiar

Yum.. Ketchup, Pickles, Beef, and Cheese.

Premium Grilled (in America, “Oriental”) Chicken

Opening the Box…

Pulling out the sloppy sandwich

Taking it apart: salad, meet, dressing

From our table at the McDonald’s in Tianjin

Also from our table

The first American food in weeks was bliss, so here’s the third sandwich: a simple cheeseburger

Looking down at its bottom



Tianjin, a tdaxp series.

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