Bloggers Win! Congratulations AppleInsider, Powerpage, and EFF!

Apple dealt loss in Apple v. Does trade secret case,” by Ryan Paul, Ars Technica, 27 May 2006,

I love my iPod, and I’d love a MacBook, but I love freedom more.

bloggers are entitled to free speech

A California appeals court judge has ruled in favor of a petition filed by the EFF that frustrates Apple’s attempt to force rumor sites AppleInsider and Powerpage to reveal their sources. In 2004, web site AppleInsider published an “exclusive” account of a new Apple product alleged to be in development, a breakout box for GarageBand dubbed Asteroid (presumably because it allowed you to rock. Rimshot!).

The ruling concludes that trade secrets do not categorically transcend freedom of the press, that there is no relevant legal distinction between journalistic blogging and journalism with regards to the shield law, and that Apple’s attempt to subpoena the e-mail service provider of one of the sites was a violation of the federal Stored Communications Act.

Congratulations to AppleInsider and PowerPage, which both appear to be fine blogs.

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