Coming Anarchy 1, Introduction

Note: This is a selection from Coming Anarchy, part of tdaxp‘s SummerBlog ’06


My interview with Dr. Thomas PM Barnett was the minor research project for Creativity, Talent, and Exerptise. The major project was a profile of Coming Anarchy — a rising blog that focuses on international affairs. CA is poised to be one of the most influential blogs in this world, and this series explores the ingredients of Chirol’s, Curzon’s, and Younghusband’s recipe for success.

The presentation is by me. The text often included below the slides was compiled by my partner, Matthew Gleason.





Coming Anarchy, a tdaxp series:
Coming Anarchy 1: Introduction
Coming Anarchy 2: Methods and Analysis
Coming Anarchy 3: Identity
Coming Anarchy 4: Failure
Coming Anarchy 5: Obsession
Coming Anarchy 6: Sacrifices
Coming Anarchy 7: Humility
Coming Anarchy 8: Geography
Coming Anarchy 9: Recognition
Coming Anarchy 10: The Gap
Coming Anarchy 11: Conclusion