Coming Anarchy 7, Humility

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Humility and Pride

“Some individuals stress humility, others self-assurance, but in actuality all of the people we interviewed seemed to have a good dose of both (Csikszentmihalyi, 1996).”
We thought that this dichotomy was especially interesting as it pertained to the people we studied in class. Many of the people were very humble, which one might not expect given their enormous success and obvious superiority. Yet, you still got the sense that they knew they were the best, and they enjoyed all of the recognition and attention they were getting. It is just amazing that creative people are able to harness the benefits of both humility and pride in the proper setting. In society today, it seems that many people only exhibit one of these traits most all of the time, whether or not it is appropriate. For example, the huge egos (pride) of professional athletes that forget they are playing only as part a team and should therefore maybe be a little more humble about their contribution.

Relevant Quotes From Interviews (Select):

When asked the question, “How would you describe yourself to yourself?” the following answers were elicited:
Chirol: “[I’m] someone who perhaps doesn’t understand perhaps a great deal, which is why I read so much. For Example, one thing I seem to be lacking is an ability to be offended. … Thus, I check the news every morning, afternoons if I’m home and always in the evening. I’m the person you don’t want to say “Did you hear that…” to, because I already read it and will know more about it than you.”
Curzon: “On the outside, I’m extroverted and arrogant. On the inside, I’m ambitious. I am good at making friends with people regardless of their age; I find it hard to focus on details — I’m a big-picture guy…”
Younghusband: “I think I am the worst of the 3 on our site… [The graphic design], it is 100% because of me.”

Organizing The Information From The Quotes (Organize):

It is amazing how both extremes of the dichotomy came out in such a short interview. “Moderate” comments were not so notable (i.e. no one came out and said, “I am average”). Humility and pride is the area where the answers between subjects were the most similar. Any future attempts to determine how identity and creativity interact may want to start from here first.

Association With Our Course Readings (Associate):

“Creative individuals are remarkably humble and proud at the same time (Csikszentmihalyi, 1996).”
“No matter how modest these individuals are, they know that in comparison with others they have accomplished a great deal (Csikszentmihalyi, 1996).”

Nagging Questions (Regulate):

Perhaps because of the prominence of “flow” in creativity, might creative people be less likely to have an “explicit theory of self” because their metacognition is weaker? Might the fact that on occasion our subjects were very humble be the reason why more of them didn’t feel that their work in the domain identified them?

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