SummerBlog ’06 (Micro Edition)

Before I left for Beijing, I started SummerBlog ’06. This online experience syndicated four recent projects — Coming Anarchy, Redefining the Gap, Perspectives & Peers, and Variations of the OODA Loop. For the rest of this week (Wednesday to Saturday) I will be West River. I will attempt to blog on the road, but if I am unable to I have set portions of my computer science thesis to syndicate during that time.

Sadly, the questionable Internet connection of cabin lodging means that I may be unable to follow several interesting blog conversation threads over the next few days. For a taste of what I’ll be missing, read on!

Topic: Education
Federalist X’s series focuses on Classical Education
tdaxp: The Petty Troika
tdaxp: Liberation and Rulesets
tdaxp: Infection
tdaxp: The Mitochondrial Peace
Amendment Nine: Great Lies & Liberal Education Generally
Amendment Nine: Liberal Education in a Nutshell
Amendment Nine: What is Taught By Liberal Education?

Topic: The Homosexual Orientation and the OODA Loop
Curtis Gale Weeks’ title for this series is ‘Homosexuality and Globalization’
Phatic Communion: Homosexualism
Phatic Communion: ‘Homosexualism’ vs Homosexuality vs ‘Heterosexualism’

Topic: Humor
Coming Anarchy: Communist Monopoly
Coming Anarchy: Dear Leader?
Something Awful: Hard Eagle

Topic: Modularity
ERMB: Globalization and Resilient Enterprises
tdaxp: Dashboard Confessional
ZenPundit: The Movement Toward Modularity
tdaxp: The Evolution Away From Modularity
ZenPundit: The Modularity Movement Revisited

Topic: Public Diplomacy
FDNF: Awesome Display or Fantastic Folly?
FDNF: Own Goals
Mountain Runner: How not to conduct Cultural Warfare

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