Appendix C. Subjective Tests

Note: This is an excerpt from a draft of my thesis, A Computer Model of National Behavior. The introduction and table of contents are also available

Appendix C. Subjective Tests

C.1 Subjective Test Descriptions

The two subjective tests described in the thesis were given to three experts for evaluation. Two of the experts arrived at informed criticisms, while one believed that the precise nature of the task was outside his area of expertise. Both experts that were able to review the material found it to be reasonable, and both gave areas for further improvement.

Each expert was given instructions, a 44 page report, and then a questionnaire. These are attached in this appendix. Finally, an interesting subjective finding is discussed.

Lastly, the author analyzes the output for one other nation. This nation behaves differently from others in the model, and the author speculates as to reasons and gives paths to future research.

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