Three Rivers Fest

Before pictures of the town, check this out. Is this the cutest picture ever, or what?

Neko the Cat Under the Seasons

Anyway, sorry for that. The photoadventure today was the journey to the Three Rivers Festival, so read on and get ready to party!

Fort Wayne is, of course, a city of rivers, and we crossed the Maumee to get to downtown. One side side of the river an old and grand water treatment facility rises like a fortress

While on the other side the old Miami of the Lake continues, in slow shade. Despite its beauty signs repeatedly warn the wary that the water is not fit for human contact. Shades of the pollution that comes from industrialization that I saw mostly clearly in Tianjin.

Between our home and the Three Rivers Fest is the FWMoA, the Fort Wayne Museum of Art. As in the Heavely Ford, art mixes with mass production to interesting effect.

The days are hot, so the water fountain was a relief. Sadly the other spigots were not on, so we didn’t see anything “wow!!” worthy like Omaha’s fountain.

a href=””>”Mad” Anthony Wayne. General Wayne won the Battle of West Point, reoriented southern tribes away from London, and was later recalled by President Washington for further service to his country. The full-sized version of the picture has an unintended surprise in it.

Another crossing to get to the fair – this time, a scary bridge.

Confederate-themed goods are popular in Indiana, much more so than I recall in Texas (when I return to Nacogdoches shortly I hope to confirm this). Here Old Glory flies with the Confederate Naval Jack, and elsewhere in the fest a gaggle of rebel cell phones is for sale.

An Iron Star is for sale in a hippie booth. Saw a similar asterisk near the Crooks Inn at Ethan, South Dakota.

Don’t be a chicken!