Downtown Fort Wayne, Indiana

Curzon at Coming Anarchy may try to impress us with his photographs of New York skyscrapers, but all the cool people know that Downtown Fort Wayne, Indiana is the place to be.

Yet the Fort has more than just a skyscraper. Come to north-east Indie, and also experience…

… the beautiful county courthouse.

The inscription in the courthouse is annoying in that teleological/progressive sense, about the nature of men changing with the seasons of the sun blah blah blah. Not that it was easy to stay grumpy for long, even with the condemned house…

.. right by downtown. After all, how can you hate a place that has guerrillaz-themed record stores

and children on go-carts (as part of Three Rivers Fest).

Also cool where the mastodons, which are apparently the official animals of Fort Wayne. I saw plenty at IPFW, and two more showed up on my downtown excursion. One was rather whimsical:

while the other was more ghastly the longer you looked at it. (It looked to be out of the Codex Seraphinianus).

Other things came in pairs, too. For instance, there are two Masonic buildings in Fort Wayne: the Scottish Rite Center (which in the 1920s hosted the Mae West play Sex)

and the much-more conservative Masonic Temple (which bans alcohol, is nearly bankrupt, and whose web host has apparently suspended their accounts because of lack of payment).

Pretty architecture was also in pairs. The Trinity English-Lutheran Church is a beautiful example of ELCA architecture at its best.

Also beautiful in town (but not in downtown) is the University of Saint Francis, a Catholic college.

Abraham Lincoln-themed stuff is all over the place, so it’s not surprising that there is a plaque commemorating a nurse who served for the Union

Still, the Southern influence that I detected at Three Rivers Festival was clear, too. The greatest sign of being influenced by the South: delicious bar-b-que. (Note the man in the pig mask)

The last cluster of images isn’t a dyad, but a triad. All three reminded me of China. The first was obvious, because it contained Chinese script (bearing the same yay Peace! tag that I saw at IPFW)

Next, the Little Burma grocery and gift store. Burma of course borders Yunnan Province, and it was a Yunnanese restaurant in Old Beijing that ran out of rice to the bewilderment and astonishment of my Chinese-speaking friends.

The last photo is of a boy on a bicycle. He was having a hard time carrying his load, and my memories of manual labor in the hot sunshine are not pleasant.

The picture reminded me of a Chinese man with a much worse job. A consequence of the ongoing capitalist revolution is that because there is more and more wealth, the cost of labor keeps going up. Fewer and fewer people have to do hard jobs they dislike every year. We must be grateful for that.