OODA, PISRR, and tdaxp

I owe an amazing debt to Purpleslog. Mike DeWitt, at his Spooky Action weblog, was describing how the OODA loop could be applied to be business. However, Mike was describing the naive OODA loop while using an illustration of the sophisticated OODA loop to prove his pound. Thus it was that Purpleslog posted a comment, suggesting that Mike check out the tdaxp series Variations of the OODA Loop, to clarify things.

Mike was have really liked what he found, because he quickly pinned a monumental post on the subject — with plenty of links to tdaxp. From Purpleslog’s original comment, I received links for three series:

This is one of the greatest honors I have received as a blogger. For one blogger to describe my writing to another, and have that other write a post like DeWitt’s “Advanced OODA Loops, PISRR, and Implications for Change Management,” blows me away.

Thank you.

Update: Mike has followed up with another must read: The Friction Between Christianity and Islam