More Videogames, Less Violence

Adam of The Metropolis Times is a longtime blogfriend of tdaxp. Recently he has taken to vidcasting, and one such vidcast (on video games and crime) has been taken up by the popular videogames-and-politics site Game Politics.

Watch the video

Don’t Tread On Videogames

and join the discussion.

The link between electronic entertainment and a peaceful society has been discussed on tdaxp before

And remember: watch the video.

3 thoughts on “More Videogames, Less Violence”

  1. Thanks for the link!

    Of course, I usually only play sports and Final Fantasy myself, so maybe my violent tendencies aren't being taken care of properly…

  2. Adam,

    I see you have another post on the issue [1] — it's valuable to point out the neopuritanism of so many politicians, especially so many Democrats. (I assume that because they are seen as weaker on values, they have to protest much more.)

    Beware of comments like this, though:

    “But it would be nice if federal time and money was spent reducing the deficit or getting our foreign policy in order instead of censorship battles.”

    Politics necessarily is governed more by the correlation of forces than perceived urgency. Things get done as they can be, not as they would be in a perfect world. This is true of other issues, as well.

    Of course, some violent video games are considered educational. [3] Weird.


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