Bush Protects Civil Society from Leftism/Establishmentarianism

Civil Rights Hiring Shifted in Bush Era,” by Charlie Savage, Global Staff, 23 Jule 2006, http://www.boston.com/news/nation/washington/articles/2006/07/23/civil_rights_hiring_shifted_in_bush_era/?page=full (from MyDD).

Whatever one may think of his weakened foreign policy, Bush’s domestic cultural policy is still going strong. Indeed, as a cross-party, more or less globalist, consensus has been in charge of America’s foreign policy since 1977, focusing on domestic cultural concerns may be the clearest place for Bush to leave his mark.

Bush realizes that the greatest threat to a society comes from its government, because only the government has the ability to crush civil societies by passing onerous laws (a process of replacing “horizontal controls” with “vertical controls”):

Robert Driscoll , a deputy assistant attorney general over the division from 2001 to 2003, said many of the longtime career civil rights attorneys wanted to bring big cases on behalf of racial groups based on statistical disparities in hiring, even without evidence of intentional discrimination. Conservatives, he said, prefer to focus on cases that protect individuals from government abuses of power.

The President is doing this in the context of the Justice Department’s Civil Rights division. Former Attorney General John Ashcroft switched the hiring processes, insisting on greater democratic oversight of hiring. This has lessened the Leftist..

Hiring only lawyers from civil rights groups would “set the table for a permanent left-wing career class,” Driscoll said.

and Eastern Establishmentarian

The academic credentials of the lawyers hired into the division also underwent a shift at this time, the documents show. Attorneys hired by the career hiring committees largely came from Eastern law schools with elite reputations, while a greater proportion of the political appointees’ hires instead attended Southern and Midwestern law schools with conservative reputations.

structural discrimination in the department, rolling back two very dangerous ideologies.

I support President Bush for great actions such as this.

Mr. President, thank you.

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