Geography Conference

Catholicgauze is in town, and this morning I am hanging out with him at the Great Plains / Rocky Mountain Division Association of American Geographers 2006 Conference in Lincoln, Nebraska. The keynote speaker gave a somber talk on the depopulation of the Great Plains. The Q&A immediately following was fascination. Asked about the relative silence about the depopulation on the fact that the plains was settled after the ascendancy of the Eastern Establishment. Audience comments ranged from the insightful — multi-county ranchers as supporters of county consolidation — to the idiotic — blaming the rural-urban shift in America, Canada, India, China, and Asia on Margaret Thatcher and Ronald Reagan.

Geographers of the Heartland

It must be conference season in general, as next weak UNL’s Political Science department hosts a Hendricks Symposium on Genetics and Political Behavior. Up to twenty research papers should soon be available online. The conference is hosted by my professor, a genius who I heard speak last year.