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Two social networking sites have come to my attention recently. First, Adam of The Metropolis Times introduced me to flixster, a networking site that works based on movies. Then, Mark of ZenPundit blogged about shelfy — a “myspace for bibliomaniacs.” Already, Mark, myself, and Chirol (of Coming Anarchy), and Mountainrunner (of MountainRunner) have shelfy profiles. Where’s yours?

Sean and Critt: woudl it be worthwhile to create a shelfy profile for Tom, based on the books he has mentioend on the blog?

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  1. Your collection is quite interesting, as it has some fiction titles that appeal greatly to me, and fiction is something I sadly do not read much of.

  2. Wow! Shelfari is really taking off. So far ten comments at tdaxp, thirteen at Coming Anarchy [1], and elevent at ZenPundit. [2] And then Adam's [3], a517dogg's, phil's, and Eddie's pages.

    What a literate corner of the blogosphere we have here 🙂


    Dean Barrett's work definitely worth a look. Unusual for most mystery authors, I think, his books are individually memorable and have different emotional themes. MOTE is romanic, MATHTB is light-hearted self-parody, Skytrain to Murder and Murder in China Red are companions to each other set a world apart, and Memoirs of a Bangkok Warrior is a wistful-depressing look at life for Vietnam War non-combatants. Currently I'm taking a break from biopsychological development with Barrett's “Kingdom of Make-Believe.”


  3. I wonder if Shelfy gets its covers from an Amazon web service, or some other web technology that links it with Amazon. So a way to upload covers may be to upload covers to Amazon, and then wait for Shelfy to refresh.

    I have noticed that a few books will flicker between covers on Shelfy. I assume this is the result of their site becoming so popular so fast, so their technology is having a hard time keeping up.

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