Need a geographer?

My close friend Catholicgauze is halfway through his graduate training in Geography, and is looking for ways to leverage his skills this summer. From his resume:

Intern – National Geographic Society
At National Geographic I was one of nine geography interns for autumn of 2005. I worked with the internet and film library divisions researching possible stories and providing a geographic perspective to new educational material. Other duties include writing news pieces for National Geographic Kid’s News Online and aiding the internet division with the recently completed redesign of the homepage. Finally, I assisted the digital film library with research possible videos to adopt for video of the day on MSN and Yahoo.


Dean’s List every semester of full time study during undergraduate studies.
Duel-enrollment student during high school
Graduate in two years; entered college with junior standing
President of Delta Zeta chapter of Gamma Theta Upsilon geographical honor society (2004-5)
Award recipient for work done for state’s geography convention
Recipient of many department and school scholarships
Full out of state tuition waver for graduate studies

Read the whole thing. (Even if you’re not hiring, help out Jude and edit it like crazy!)

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  1. Mark,

    The problem is a bizarre bug in blogspirit — it adds HTML to comment excerpts, but then will cut if off in the middle of a tag. Firefox is smart enough to realize that this malformed HTML should be ignored, but IE is foolish enough to take blogspirit at its word.

    I fixed this specific problem, and I hope blogspirit gets around to fixing this annoying problem. My support ticket has been open for days with no response yet.

    To give you a sense of blogspirit's “helpfulness,” here is how their last response (to Ticket # 823) ended:

    “we have a lot of things to do which are more important, but it's in our todo list.”

    They have a lot more important things to do than provide a site that works as advertised? Apparently so… 🙁

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