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Mark of ZenPundit reports that the Small Wars Journal now has a blog. So far they have three posts up, and I’ve commented on each:

So now Small Wars Journal Blog joins Dreaming 5th Generation War, Soob, and Quiet Thoughts as blogs that I need to add to my blogroll. Welcome!

One thought on “Small Wars Journal Blog”

  1. Dave,

    Thanks for the props!

    I see the latest post is up [1], and it's a good one! The entire thing is well written, but I think part was particularly important:

    “Article 22: Local forces should mirror enemy, not ourselves – Further, they should mirror local operational requirements. What the use in providing the village doctor with an endocrinology lab that he doesn't know how to use? I don't know either, but some division surgeon thought it was a good idea. Additionally, just because we have bells and whistles for equipment doesn't mean our partnering Iraqi unit does to. We need to remember that. Often we don't.”


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