A "Diplomatic" Victory

Dateline: Paris. Following the occupation of Munich and lightning attacks on Denmark, Holland, Naples, the Third Republic has accepted the unconditional surrender of the Deutsche Reich and the Ottman Empire.

The news, following twenty-four years of war, was all the more surprising as until minutes ago the world thought that the German Empire thought was a valued ally against the Turkish threat.

“Traitors! Frog-eating traitors!” angril declared Wilhelm II, exiled Kaiser of Germany, in his provisional capital of Warsaw. “I left my western front defenseless as I trusted the French. Hah! Trusted the French! Famous last words.”

Blue = Third Republic, Yellow = Ottoman Empire, White = Wilhelmine Rump State

Mehmid VI, last of the Sultans, more philosophical. “We were so close… so close. At one point during this long war we could have conquered the world… if we had acquired one additional industrial center. And several times were were only two major capitals away from such a victory. This very year we were in that situation . But such was not to be.”

Field Marshall tdaxp was magnimonious after the declaration of victory. “A thousand years of reparations against the enemies of La France!”

The Clamactic Final Month of War

Continued the Field Marshall, “Our conqeust was fought valiently. We were open in our intention to conquer Britain. We were delighted when the Italians, who attacked us without reason, fell to the avenging Turkish sword. For most of the war against the Turks, once they extended their sights even further, Germany behaved responsibly. True, they betrayed us about five times, but such is their Krautish nature.”

Suqsequent to next months March of the Fallen Empires, Marshall tdaxp will formally thank the DAIDE project, as well as Albert bot, for their tremendous work bringing hard, single-player diplomacy to the laptop screen. “Many have times. Only DAIDE, and Albert have succeed. Only those two except, of couse, for La France!”