Walking to Work in Lincoln, Nebraska

On my blog, I’ve documented cities from the Badlands to Beijing, Peking U to Stephen F. Austin State U. However, I haven’t photoblogged one of the closet things to me yet: my walk from where I live to where I work and study. The full photo series is available on my images.tdaxp.com photogalleries.

The parking lot, looking toward a fraternity house and a no-longer-used schoolhouse.


A four-line highway connecting me to the University of Nebraska – Lincoln. A ciy bus approaches in the distance. Both the City of Lincoln and UNL maintain excellent bus systems(though UNL’s has better hours and more regular service).

Ben Nelson’s position as the most-conservative Democrat in the Senate allows him to get pork brought home, regardless of who’s in power. Here, heavy machinery work on the Antelope Valley Project.


Right next to the main construction, work continuse on a quicker link between my the campus and the interstate, allowing commuters to avoid downtown. The nifty skybridge in the background already has three connections, and I use it whenever I leave town.


Further down the sidewalk: the Engineering complex of halls.


Two blocks later: the Education complex of halls. I’ve been interested in instructional psychology for quite a while, so I end up spending a lot of time here.

While our college football team is named the Cornhuskers, it could be The Mammoths: A giant mastodon (or whatever) looks out over the pakring lot.

Said parking lot. Memorial Stadium‘s gigantic TV (second largest in the world, and for a time the biggest) is in the background. I have a perfect view of the set from my office.

Blossoming trees on the main field of campus. The tower in the distance is Love Library‘s.

A better view of the trees. Note that other’s still don’t have leaves.

A lone tree in a courtyard…

… and we’re at Oldfather Hall!

Welcome to Nebraska!