Crystal Gail Mangum and Mike Nifong

Last year, for the second time in her life, Crystal Gail Mangum claimed to have been raped by three men. For the second time, there was no trial. But for the first time, media attention encouraged the North Caroline Attorney-General Roy Cooper to say the word: “innocent.”


Ms Mangum’s false accusation was horribly compounded by the gross incompetence, negligence, and capricious maliciousness of Durham North Carolina prosecutor, Mike Nifong. My fellow college students — indeed, all Americans — hope that the surest measures are taken against Mike Nifong so that justice may be served.

Hopefully, Jesse Jackson, who said that “his organization will pay the Duke scandal accuser’s tuition regardless of whether she’s telling the truth or not,” will doubtless comment soon.

3 thoughts on “Crystal Gail Mangum and Mike Nifong”

  1. After the damaged she has caused everyone she shold have her children taken away from this unfit so called Mother

    He then made reference to “sealed” records–which apparently regard her mental health–about the woman that convinced prosecutors not to pursue charges against her.

    If that’s the case then she not fit to be a mother either and should have her (2) children taken away from her because is mentally unfit and places her kids in harms way and seems to think she did no wrong!
    Mother of (2)

  2. The reason that this was exposed was because the accused had access to the best lawyers.

    Perhaps it is time to re-examine rape cases where the only evidence is the accuser's word.

  3. No case should proceed where the only evidence is the accuser's word. The overcompensation for decades of ignoring rape and child molestation claims is destroying lives and destroying justice.

  4. There needs to be some uniformity, too.

    In many states you can do 10 to 20 for what is just a good time in other states. I wonder if there has ever been case where the back seat was resting on top the state line?

    Sorry son, you made love to her right side, but raped her left side?

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