J. L. Kirk Associates: Not a Better Business

Katherine Coble is, by all accounts, amazing. She’s a liberterian fan of Kurt Vonnegut and a LOST aficionado. She’s also being bulled by J. L. Kirk Associates for, among other things, say:

That the amount [she was] asked to pay “neatly” coincided with [her] tax refund “which is a matter of public record.”

(Apparently, “neatly” will join “paddy o’doggun” as a word one just cannot say anymore.)

JL Kirk Associates

The threatened lawsuit (warning: pdf) has attracted widespread attention, including thoughts by Curtis Gale Weeks. The kirking also ties into an article written by Dr. Glenn Reynolds of the University of Tennessee College of Law. And the Jim River Report has featured the story on its front page (all day!).

More substantively, J.L. Kirk & Associates‘ actions, as documented by the Better Business Bureau, have been brought to light:

This company has a pattern [more than 2 complaints involving the same allegations usually within 12 months that are significant in relation to the company’s size and volume of business] of complaint. Complaints allege the company offers career advancement services including marketing/resume writing, training for improved interview & negotiation skills, job leads/interviews and on-going support once a career has been obtained. Consumers state once they complete the marketing/resume writing and training for improved interview and negotiation skills, the company fails to follow up and provide assistance with job leads, interviews are not scheduled and careers are not obtained. All complainants request a refund to resolve the issues.

Is there a moral here? Yes. Don’t kirk yourself. Don’t SLAPP.