Other J.L. Kirks


The story is mythic. A wife pens a negative review of how a company treated her husband. The company sends out the lawyers. The story lands on instapundit. A new verb is born.

But while JL Kirk insane public relations strategy of suing bloggers sparks general discussion and even military theorizing, we shouldn’t forget that there are other JL Kirks who may be unfairly tarred. So the rest of this post examines perhaps three, perhaps more, JL Kirks who have gone before…

The Victorian

One J.L. Kirk seems to have been a Victorian lover of knowledge and generally good-doer.

Mrs Norah Kirk, wife of Dr J.L. Kirk (founder of the Castle Museum in York) is seen with hat and coat, sitting in the middle of a group of wounded soldiers during the First World War, at One Oak, Hallgarth.

While another unearths the past:

John L Kirk’s Roman Villa

I assume this is the same John L. Kirk, who along with Philip Corder wrote “The Roman Villa at Langton, Near Malton, E. Yorkshire” in 1932. was cited in (pdf download).

(This Victorian-in-spirit JL Kirk would, I imagine, have loved the Coming Anarchy blog.)

The Scientist(s)

Another J.L Kirk worked with E.E.D. Schmidt and K. Vedam to write “Variation of the refractive index of diamond. with hydrostatic pressure to 7 kilobars: Addendum” (pdf download). An otherwise incomprehensible Japanese article notes that the piece the Schmidt/Kirk/Vedam piece was an addendum to was originally published in “Amer. Mineral.” (presumably American Mineralogy) in in 1968.

Working again with Vedam, his fellow at the Materials Research Laboratory at Pennsylvania State University, J.L. Kirk published “Direct Optical Observation of the Semiconductor-to-Metal Transition in SmS under Pressure ” with V. Narayanamurti, A. Jayaraman, and E. Bucherof Bell Laboratories, in New Jersey.

Diesel Fuel = Toxic to Carrots

Yet could this possible be the same J.L. Kirk who, along with P. Moutoglis, J. Klironomos, H. Lee, and J.T. Trevors wrote “Toxicity of diesel fuel to germination, growth and colonization of Glomus intraradices in soil and in vitro transformed carrot root cultures” (pdf download) in 2003 for Plant and Soil? Doubtful, I would imagine, as the toxic relationship of diesel fuel was discussed by Jennifer L. Kirk of the Department of Environmental Biology of the University of Guelph in Ontario.

The Company


An entirely different JL Kirk is “JLKIRK General and Mechanical Contractor,” which specializes in “Commercial, Residential Construction, Heating and Air.”


Since I wrote my post on how two-thirds of the first three results pages for JL Kirk are now negative, the kirking has grown and grown. Since then, the following anti-JL Kirk pages have been added to those first three pages:

Hopefully, in the deluge of bad publicity which may drown JL Kirk’s own message from public discourse, the other JL Kirks aren’t lost, as well.

I apologize for supporting the Democratic Party

Stearns, S. 2007. Bush repeats call for war funding bill without conditions. VOA News. April 14, 2007. Available online: http://voanews.com/english/2007-04-14-voa17.cfm

What’s the difference between Republicans and Democrats in Congress? Republicans will waste everyone’s time with crazy, useless regulations. Democrats will weaken the country.

I deeply regret my hurtful advice to vote Democrat. The Democratic Party has no business having a single seat in Congress..

The latest stunt of attaching a timetable to the war spending bill is harmful and dangerous. We should leave Iraq — now. The only meaningful purpose of “the surge” is to intimidate Iran. There are easier and cheaper ways of doing this. The Iraqi Sunni Arabs will be slaughtered when we leave, but we already changed their history for the worse anyway, so why not speed the killing.

While Bush has incompetently fought the rebuilding of Iraq, has not looked weak. Every country in the world realizes that the United States of America is led by a dangerous bulldog who will tear down everything in pursuit of his goals. Frankly, there are worse reputations to have.

Yet Nancy Pelosi, that “mackerel-headed ho,” is trying her best to screw even this up. By attempting to execute foreign policy in violation of the fact that the President is the executive, she made our country appeared divided even when it came to official channels. By playing with war funding, she raises the specter of an earlier Democratic Congress’s betrayal of the Republic of Vietnam.

At this point, I do not care if decapitated boyscouts are found in the offices of the Republican Congressional Leadership. The GOP must win back the House and the Senate in ’08.