iPod Reloaded, Part II: Broken, Fixed, Upgraded

Last time, I mentioned that I was sending in my iPod to service to iFixiPodsFast. I heard about iFiPF from a comment at Geek Technique, and their price for upgrading my iPod mini to an 8 GB flash-memory machine was about half what a new 8 GB flash iPod Nano costs. Additionally, I was cut a $20 discount in return for “a little word of mouth,” so I thought blogging my experience with the company was fair. Well, yesterday USPS delivery confirmation reported the package arrived safely…

And today I got the following message:

I noticed when I opened it up that a chip fell out. I then figured out that your logic board wasn’t working correctly (wasn’t recognizing the replacement flash drive)… well needless to say I found the part where the chip had fallen off and soldered it back on and the iPod is working so far. I still have to test it out further to make sure that it will work correctly but regardless I just wanted to email you and let you know why this process was taking a while (normally your iPod would have shipped yesterday)

So my machine is more broken than I thought it was. But the work looks the work’s been done. I appreciate iFixiPodsFast‘s quick service and communication. Hopefully I’ll soon my jamming to my crazy tunes again.

I’ll keep you updated.

iPod Reloaded, a tdaxp series
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2. Broken, Fixed, Upgraded
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