iPod Reloaded, Part II: Broken, Fixed, Upgraded

Last time, I mentioned that I was sending in my iPod to service to iFixiPodsFast. I heard about iFiPF from a comment at Geek Technique, and their price for upgrading my iPod mini to an 8 GB flash-memory machine was about half what a new 8 GB flash iPod Nano costs. Additionally, I was cut a $20 discount in return for “a little word of mouth,” so I thought blogging my experience with the company was fair. Well, yesterday USPS delivery confirmation reported the package arrived safely…

And today I got the following message:

I noticed when I opened it up that a chip fell out. I then figured out that your logic board wasn’t working correctly (wasn’t recognizing the replacement flash drive)… well needless to say I found the part where the chip had fallen off and soldered it back on and the iPod is working so far. I still have to test it out further to make sure that it will work correctly but regardless I just wanted to email you and let you know why this process was taking a while (normally your iPod would have shipped yesterday)

So my machine is more broken than I thought it was. But the work looks the work’s been done. I appreciate iFixiPodsFast‘s quick service and communication. Hopefully I’ll soon my jamming to my crazy tunes again.

I’ll keep you updated.

iPod Reloaded, a tdaxp series
1. A Shot in the Dark
2. Broken, Fixed, Upgraded
3. It works!

5 thoughts on “iPod Reloaded, Part II: Broken, Fixed, Upgraded”

  1. I'm sending you my X-Box 360. It's showing a “general hardware failure” code which I suspect is Microsoft-ese for “Haven't got a f*&^ing clue, buy another one.” If you could have that fixed and back by the middle of next week? 🙂

  2. Woo hoo! The iPod has been sent USPS Priority Mail, and I've been given a tracking number.

    Best case of course would be delivery by Friday, so I can listen to it during the drive back to South Dakota.. Probably get to Nebraska on Saturday or Monday, I guess.

    Lexington Green — thanks. I've grown to enjoy the Mamas & Papas (after an introduction from LOST…)

  3. Jay,
    You might want to hit up the Game Informer magazines's website. If I remember correctly, they reported that Micro announced a program that Micro was doing about fixing problems with 360s manufactured up until a couple of months ago. Some free. Some on the real cheap depending on what the problem was.

    It's worth a look. Sorry. This is why The Wife and I are going to wait two more years before we buy a next gen console. By that time we figure most of the bugs present at launch will have been worked out(like the PS3s reverse compatibility issues and the 360s power issues). Sorry man. You spent $400 on that. It shouldn't have failed already.

  4. The big attraction, and the big drawback, of the XBOX 360 for me is Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion. I played III: Morrowind over a year and loved it beyond words. Ditto the two expansion packs (Tribunal and Bloodmoon).

    If Bethesda and Microsoft were really able to reproduce a computer RPG experience on a console, it would be a tremendous deal… not just in hardware, but also in socialability. But if the console version is less than the computer version… then no dice.

  5. ry,
    I'll certainly have a look at GI . If I could do it all over again I'd wait for the PS3 to come down in price and go with Sony.
    Most irritating is that my machine is supposedly a second generation machine (I specifically asked and waited.) Live and learn, eh?


    Oblivion (in addition to cost) was the kicker when deciding to go Microsoft. I've never seen it on a PC but if it looks, sounds and plays better on PC I'd be surprised. As for the social aspect, to my knowledge, it's strictly a one player deal with no online option.

    I'll probably wait until the PS3 comes down in price and then buy it. I probably won't, ever again buy a Microsoft console. $400 is a tad much for a door stop.

  6. I am interested in how this turns out.

    I have an iPod Mini and have envy.

    My battery didn't last a train ride from Chicago to New Orleans and there were not any damn outlets to plug into!

    So, I have been considering by a new one for more disk and battery.

    But I am cheap.

  7. Jay,

    Very cool — I'm psyched about Oblivion — when I have time (I have no idea when) I shall play it — now it's just a matter of platform.

    Did you enjoy it on an HDTV monitor or a standard TV? Would that change the console experience?

    I'm aware of Elder Scrolls' lack of multiple player, btw — I just had the hope that playing in a living room is hopefully less antisocial than in an office corner, but maybe I'm just deluding myself 🙂


    I'm excited too! I left Nebraska for a short trip on Friday, but saw on the website that the iPod arrived that day… So hopefully I'll know soon.

    The advantage of flash- as opposed to hd- iPods, besides battery life, is reliability. This is the second harddrive I've had die on me in this iPod alone. Meanwhile, my Palm mp3 player from years back still works perfectly.

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