Thanks for a beautiful day…

… are owed to Brendan of I Hate Linux. I visited him by the lakes of South Dakota today, and we had a wonderful time eating lunch, exploring the local university, and of course enjoying his gorgeous XBOX 360 – Westinghouse HDTV combo.

The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion

Particular, I enjoyed playing the fourth Elder Scrolls game — Oblivion. Elder Scrolls III (Morrowind) was stunning beautiful when I first played it, and it is the only game bought after the golden age of the mid 90s (which including Civilization II, Oregon Trail II, SimCity 2000) that I truly loved. I bought both expansion packs — Tribunal and Bloodmoon — and loved them as well. Oblivion, from what I saw on that beautiful display, is worth heir to the Elder Scrolls name.

4 thoughts on “Thanks for a beautiful day…”

  1. The first time I enjoyed a game as visual art was playing Starseige, where I tilted my mech's head up so I could watch the snow falling in front of the moon.

    Somewhere, I think I have a gig of screen captures of Morrowind.. And Oblivion's even better. The buck that ran past me was breathetaking, the grass gorgeous, the music all that I can drema up.

  2. Part of me is still tempted to find an old Nintendo 64 somewhere just so I can play 1080 again. The mountain backgrounds were gorgeous! I seem to recall GOLDENEYE (which I played WAY too much in college) also had great scenery.

  3. The only system I wish I could have back would be a top of the line DOS 6.2 machine, so I could play Conquest of the New World and other DOS multimedia games again…

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