Canton, From Peking to Chungshan

Let’s go to Canton!

The trip started unauspiciously… The bus ride to the airport (which won’t be needed next year because of the Beijing Subway expansion!!) was packed and slow, though the chairs themselves were comfortable

The bus ride was doubly uncomfortable because the Beijing haze was thicker than usual, though not as bad as some days

Finally, we arrived at the airport — and our flight to Zhuhai (Pearl Ocean) was on time

and a meer four hours later, we arrived in a sunny, bright, clean, warm, wonderland (or, at least, a very comfortable airport)

The drive was amazingly beautiful. The Pearl Ocean (where the Pearl River meets the South China Sea) was right next door to the airport, and the beautiful and neerly empty highway traveled along it for quite some time. Old-fashioned fishing boats dotted the waters, on the blue waves and under the blue sky.

Our driver took us to 中山(Zhongshan, formerly transliterated as Chungshan, named after Sun Yatsen and meaning “Chinese Mountain”) without a hitch. The car was nice and air conditioned, and his music taste good.

What a way to start a vacation (to Canton) in a vacation (to China) in a vacation (summer break)!

Canton, a tdaxp travelogue
1. Peking to Chungshan
2. Yatsen City
3. Chunshan to Chuhai
4. Pearl Ocean
5. Chuhai to Peking
5. Chuhai to Peking

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