Xian, Xi’an Technological University

Welcome back to my travelogue of Western Peace, the ancient capital of China.

I enjoy college. I enjoy studying in university, and I enjoy visiting them. So I’ve chronicles SFASU in Texas, IPFW in Indiana, and Peking U in China. So now trip to Xi’an would be complete without visiting a great college in that neck of the world: Xi’an Technlogical University.

Formerly Xi’an Institute of Technology

Check in at the guardhouse…

and come on in!

Polluted sky but green courtyard

Tree lined sidewalks with University buildings

Students walk to lunch

No vending machines, but fresh fruit instead

Public chalkboards gave important messages.

In one, the Communist Youth League urged members to remember the May 4th Movement. The 5-4-1919 protests were against the Beijing-based ROC (“Beiyang”) government and the Versailles peace treaties.

While the KMT would eventually defeat the Beiyang regime, the day has been coopted into a Communist celebration on the mainland.

The campus movie theatre is a former church

The campus bookstore has both periodicals and textbooks

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5 thoughts on “Xian, Xi’an Technological University”

  1. W,

    You heard her — Lady of tdaxp took me to visit in May. 🙂 I was impressed by the campus. The courtyard area was very cool, and the restaurants nearby are pretty good.

    The converted church was sad, though. I hope religious freedom can return soon to China.

  2. …In like to work as teacher (English/Technical) at XIÀN-UNIVERSITY!

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