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I’m getting a lot of trackback spam with the title “Colomarine post,” apparently uniquely identified to make it easier to see where it worked. The Blog name in each if “Colomarine blog,” and the content is always “all about Colomarine and top news.” The IP address is, though strangely the Blog URL reads “”

So what is colomarine? When I search for “Colomarine -blog” I get only 44 results, and they all seem to be to a family name.

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  1. I'm pleased to see someone else is working on this. I marked and reported about 10 of these to Squarespace as spam yesterday, and now I just marked and deleted another 5.

    Searching for Colomarine or “All about Colomarine” in Google brings up quite a few more hits.

  2. I have now had almost every post hit with this and they keep coming in! I've sent a support ticket to Squarespace but haven't heard anything back yet. Interesting, isn't it?

  3. Hi…yes, I've been having the same problem…and I'm with Squarespace too! I found you had apparently left a link for me…and yes, I arrived at Yahoo! I've asked Squarespace and they told me that is an ongoing problem and that to notify them each time it happens. I don't seem to be getting the problem any more (apart from yours!). Of course, that may change after I've posted this! Anyway, stay chilled…Olivia

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