I want a ScribeFire that’s as easy to use as Delicious

I sometimes use ScribeFire to blog from Firefox. It’s a nifty tool, but I often find it’s as easy to open wordpad off to the browswer’s side than to have ScribeFire’s dialog box take up the bottom half of the screen.

Delicious, by contrast, is almost a perfect blog editor for me. It’s plain text, it’s fast, and it can be moved around. del.icio.us’s main drawback, however, is that the “description” has to be short… as can be seen below, I can’t even fully describe my own blog in it’s description field:

What I want is a Firefox extension that allows me to blog like ScribeFire, but is as lightweight as del.icio.us. I don’t care about fancy editing, wysiwyg, or other capabilities. If I can add a title, descriptoin, and tags, and have it post the hyperlinked title and my description, I’d be as happy as a clam.

Any suggestions?

PS: I checked my delicious network today, and saw that BobbyZero of Biro Sketchbook sent it Tom’s Ancient professions always suffer when globalization embraces a natio. Thanks BobbyZero! You’re now part of del.icio.us net!