Adding to the swarm of blogtalk about innovation (MountainRunner, the first post at ERM, this blog, Zenpundit once, and Zenpundit twice), Stephen DeAngelis comes to the topic of creativity. He gives some numbered myths about creativity

  1. there is always a “eureka” moment
  2. there is a clear path to innovation
  3. people “dig” new ideas
  4. the lone innovator
  5. most people can’t be creative
  6. you’ll know innovation when you see it
  7. the best ideas wins
  8. innovation is always good

Those interested in creativity may be interested in my analysis of Coming Anarchy, where I identified several factors necessary for creative success, including:

Finally, I also interviewed Steve’s co-worker, Tom Barnett, as a project for the same doctoral class on creativity that generated the CA analysis.

One thought on “Creativity”

  1. “Zenpundit once, and Zenpundit twice”

    “Roadrunner once! Roadrunner twice!
    I'm in love with rock'n'roll
    and I'll be out all night”

    No band is before anyone's time anymore due to the miracle of sound recording. The first Modern Lovers record is one of the greatest records of all time, and would particularly appeal to you. Jonathan Richman has always been a soul and heart of the most ardent romanticism, but on this first record he had not yet regressed to a childishness which is offputting. He is every bit a son of New England, like your hero HPL.

    Very surprised you are not already a fan.

    Sorry to be so off point, but I suppose we can weave some connection to the theme of creativity into my impertinent interjection.

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