Spam Attack?

Blogspirit introduced a new anti-spam feature today which allows blogger to ban specific IPs. This is pretty nifty, but it coincides with an enormous increase in traffic spam. I wonder if this is either a weakness in the new system, or the revenge of some blogger who suddenly finds that his old methods of vandalism do not work.

A full list of Internet Protocol addresses (IPs) I’ve banned so far are below, but it appear that most spam comes from only a few sites:


While (edited) examples of the trackback spam are:

hockey Sabres hockey club Sabres
point Four point bed Four
screen Hot screen names Hot
sonia Lady sonia photo Lady

That the spam is coming from the same pattern (Word1 Word2 Word1 Word3 Word2) means that (a) the spam is coming from the same source and (b) the spammer is a poet.

Weird, no?

Full list of IPs banned so far:

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