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July must be a good month for blogs. Not only has Shane Diechman of IATGR and Enterra started blogging at Wizads of Oz (be sure to check out the discussion at “Future Warfare?“), Joel Helgeson (who recently commented here on Blackwater) has begun Security Today. From his first post:

What has happened is that every time the IC has tried to develop a database of information, or share, disseminate or declassify information it is lambasted by privacy rights groups. So, more and more, the IC themselves are turning to private organizations who have databases on the American public that are far more comprehensive than ANYTHING the intel agencies would ever be permitted to gather. Think ChoicePoint, Equifax, Experian, TransUnion, LexisNexis, and so forth. As a private citizen, I have more access to this information than the IC or LEO.

It is astounding to see how often common blog posts are cited in intel reports as reliable sources for actionable information – and they should be. Blogs are the greatest, most efficient method of gathering intel from distributed sources around the globe.

Welcome to the blogosphere, Joel!

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