Iraq Against Appeasement

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Iraq’s parliament adjourned Monday for an August recess without receiving from the government a series of U.S.-backed draft laws designed to promote national unity and stem support for the Sunni-led insurgency.

In spite of pressure from Baathists, Qaedist, and Bushist (heh) elements, the democratically elected government of Iraq has resisted pressure to divert monies and resources to the insurgency. While each group has its own reason to force the Republic of Iraq to bankroll terror (the Baathis to salvage as much of their democidal regime as possible, the Qaedis to bankroll an Islamic Revolution, and the Bushis for reasons that make sense only inside the Beltway), most Iraqis prefer not to.

The Iraq War is a form of feedback to the Sunni Arab World in particular and the Gap in general. It is a demonstration of the bankruptcy and a stunning indictment against all those who took sides against Iraq, against democracy, and against America. Forcing the elected government of Iraq to have a half-victory against terror by cynically compelling it in bankroll the insurgency would be a shameful act. Fortunately for us, for Iraq, and for history, the Iraqi Parliament will not be so capitulating. At least not this August.

To the parliament of Iraq: have a good vacation. You’ve earned it.

One thought on “Iraq Against Appeasement”

  1. I'm amazed its taken this long for someone to complain about your broken link.

    Furthermore I'm confused by your post – the quote you take from the article I can't read due to the broken link says that the laws were supposed to STOP support to the insurgency, not bankroll them – and that the Iraqi parliament didn't pass them. You are in favor of weakening the insurgency – doesn't that mean the parliament should have passed them before going on break?

  2. Adrian,

    Thanks for the heads-up! The link is fixed!

    The laws are designed to throw money at the Sunni tribes, expecting that their natural corruptibility will turn them against al Qaeda. This certainly will be the effect for some, though obviously much of the money will be funneled back into the insurgency.

    The idea that, if you surrender enough, your enemy will stop fighting you is certainly true. But even beyond concerns for victory, we should be concerned with shaping a new middle east. Paying off the worst of the ancien regime is not a viable way forward.

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