Up and down

Within the past year, the best thing ever to happen to be happened to me. So did the worst thing.

So it’s no surprise that my mood varies from pretty high to pretty low. From day to day, and even moment to moment.

There is all the normal stress and anxiety of the school year, but also real honest happiness and real honest sadness. There are so many times I keep thinking of my dad’s letters or are phone calls. There are so many times I am so happy to be with my wife.

Sometimes I have this driving energy to get things done (I woke up at 4:30 and started working this morning, before going back to sleep) and other times I find it hard to click continue on a web form.

I am introspective enough to recognize how time changes things. The only reason I finished the spring semester at all was that I had gotten nearly all work done before my dad’s heart attack. This summer I accomplished a lot, including work ahead in class, deforestation, a visit to China, and, of course getting married.

Take that trees!

So I’m feeling more down that I was, at any given time, a year ago. But I’m also feeling more up.

If living means feeling emotions, then boy, am I living now!

May the joy always increase, the sadness become less intense, and US CIS stop losing our paperwork!

3 thoughts on “Up and down”

  1. Not that I'm qualified in the least to judge, but I'd say you've very effectively balanced the massive emotional shifts that you've experienced in the last year. It can't be easy (or possible) to live through the depths of despair only to realize the high life of joy within a scant few months and not be left with a sense of deep mental fatigue or even a some degree of emotional “schizophrenia.”

    Amazing the destructive and creative powers of the paramount emotion we call love.

  2. Yeah, I'd have to agree with Soob on this one. You've done very well—and I think the way you've coped with this suggest a very bright future for you.

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