Convicted sex predator to serve one day in jail

Mike Nifong, a convicted sexual predator (or whatever else you would describe a man who used his government office to organize a kidnapping ring against innocent late-adolescents on sexual grounds) has been sentenced to one day in jail:

From the day he took over the Duke lacrosse rape case, Durham County District Attorney Mike Nifong charged forward with a strident determination that the guilty would end up in jail. Ultimately, the since-disgraced former prosecutor only succeeded at putting himself behind bars.

Nifong was sentenced Friday to a single day in jail, having been held in criminal contempt of court for lying to a judge during his pursuit of rape charges against the three falsely accused lacrosse players….

It was the latest in a line of punishments for a broken man who once confidently trumpeted to anyone within earshot that a woman hired to perform as a stripper at a March 2006 lacrosse team party had been raped.

While certainly it’s good that Mr. Nifong will serve a day in jail (less than a former history teacher of mine served for having the same name and ethnicity as a convict, because he was picked up on Saturday and office staff who could realize the mistake did not come in until Monday) and change careers (a “punishment” a globalized economy inflicts on thousands of Americans every year), the Mike Nifong/Crystal Gail Mangum conspiracy that criminals with just the right mix of race and status (a white male prosecutor, a black female accuser) who work together are essentially above the law.

Too bad.

4 thoughts on “Convicted sex predator to serve one day in jail”

  1. I wouldn’t call Nifong a “sexual predator” for going ahead with the prosecution even after he became aware that the accusations were false, but I say this solely because that term should be reserved for those who commit sexual offenses; of course, every time someone like Ms. Mangum makes a false accusation, it becomes harder and harder to prosecute actual rapists and child molesters and the like. Thanks to this incident and others like it, actual victims will be afraid to come forward.

  2. Unfortunately false accusations of this nature are more common than many would think. A couple of weeks ago I was in professional training and the person running the training was a former police chief. This former police chief was telling a story of how a woman who had an affair became embarrassed and accused the man she had an affair with of rape. I asked him if it was common and he replied it happens often enough. Although, I would say that Nifong is not a “sexual predator” as well, I think Dan is right.


  3. One could argue, I suppose, that it must be shown that the perpetrator was ithyphallic during the commission of the crime in order to label him as a “sexual predator.”

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