Football Highlights

Two big games today

#16 Nebraska 20, Wake Forest 17
Michigan 7, Oregon 39

The Nebraska / Wake Forest match was very good. The game was scheduled before the Wake-Forest-as-conference-champ days, but it was satisfactory to dispose of last season’s ACC victor. That the victory was only be three points made it all the better to watch.

Likewise, listening (via ESPN Radio) to highlights of the Michigan / Oregon game was terrific. With all apologies to the greatness of the Pac 10, the public immolation of Michigan — and with her the Big 10 generally — has a very ritual-sacrifice feel to it.

2 thoughts on “Football Highlights”

  1. Glad to see the big N hold on against Wake Forest – the Demon Deacons had an outstanding year in '06, and the ACC defending champs are an explosive (and underrated) team.

    Thx for the link to my PAC-10 post. Irony is, you could have all four BCS games won by PAC-10 teams and they STILL wouldn't get respect in the midwest or southeast….

  2. The partner I work directly under at my firm bleeds Blue and Maize. His phone rings the fight song, his laptop closes to it. He went there, his sister, father, mother, daughter, and (since last week) son went or go there.

    Unfortunately it's scramble time in the real estate industry and even gentle ribbing is not proper at this moment. It's torture!

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