The Boycott is Over!

Loyal tdaxp readers may remember my boycott against the National Review for their childish, unprofessional, and mean-spirited “spoiling” of LOST.

Well, the boycott is over.

Catholicgauze informs me that the writers at NRO are geeking out, live-blogging from the Star Trek Universe.

Select excerpts:

The Sources of Klingon Conduct:”

There can no longer be any doubt that the aggressive conduct of the Klingon Empire is irredentist in nature, its purpose to spread its sphere of influence beyond the Neutral Zone. This presents a new kind of threat to the galactic order, as the Klingon conduct does not comport with classic models of planetary self-interest. Rather, their intent is ideological in nature. They seek not to influence but to convert, not to find an atmospheric cushion but to create a gravitational pull toward a set of beliefs. Their evangel is by definition destabilizing and dangerous, since it postulates its own superiority, a superiority that will be demonstrated by conquest….

The Needs of the Many Outweight the Needs of the Pelosians:”

Over the course of this magazine’s four centuries (not counting the Great Interegnum during the Eugenics Wars, when conservatism was deemed a mental defect) National Review has always endeavored to chart a course balancing idealism with realism. Even in its infancy, facing the first great existential crisis of Old Earth, we argued for challenging aggression, whether in the form of the Soviet threat or the violence done to humanity through hubristic tinkering with the genetic code. We are proud to say that our opposition to the Soviets played its part in the prevention of one nuclear holocaust and saddened that our warnings fell on deaf ears before as so many of us were marched off to reeducation camps on the Mars colonies. After the Interregnum we counseled a different course when making first contact with the Klingons and the Romulans than that chosen by Starfleet Command. History has vindicated us on both scores, which is small comfort given the terrible price we all paid for Starfleet’s stubbornness.

Welcome back, National Review!

Affirmative Action: Bad Policy, Bad Science

Leonhardt, D. (2007). The new affirmative action. New York Times. September 30, 2007. Available online:

An interesting article in the New York Times about a rentier class, racial discrimination, and bad science. The focus is on racial jerryrigging by the University of California system. While on the second page I realized that one could replace “black” with “non-asian” with no loss of factual accuracy. Sure enough:

In particular, U.C.L.A.’s experience suggests that some tension between race and class in the admissions process may be inevitable. Even as the number of low-income black freshmen soared this year, the overall number of low-income freshmen fell somewhat. The rise in low-income black students was accompanied by a fall in low-income Asian students — not a decline in well-off students. U.C.L.A. administrators say they don’t fully understand why.

The article also goes into Peter Taylor’s race-based charity work and some really bad analysis of an “intelligece test” given to one-year olds.

A Big 12 North Day

You may recall that shortly after (Big 12 South) Texas A&M’s loss to (Big 12 North) Nebraska, Texas A&M’s President cut and run, taking a cushy government job instead of facing the Big 12 North again.

Good thing, too, as the two highest ranked Big 12 South teams fell specularly to Big 12 North schools:

#3 Oklahoma 24, Colorado 27
#7 Texas 21, Kansas State 41

Our Nebraska Cornhuskers didn’t have the luxury of playing a push-over from the Big 12 South junior leagues. We played a fellow Big 12 North Team

#25 Nebraska 35, Iowa State 17

My thanks to ESPN U GameCast and Huskers Radio for helping me keep up to date on games that weren’t aired in my area.