Lawfare Backlash: DirectBuy + Dozier Internet Law

As I wrote on Dreaming 5GW, these are some of the many blogs:

that are reacting to Public Citizen‘s posting of a legal threat (pdf) and subsequent reply (pdf) in the attempt of Direct Buy (and Dozier Internet Law) to shut down negative reviews online.

The case is informative because it shows how the generations of struggle depend on the scale you are looking at. Looked at one way, Public Citizen is engaging in a 4G campaign against aggressive legal threats on speech. But in another way, Public Citizen is a 5G organization, essentially unconcerned with the fate of DirectBuy or Dozier Internet Law, and looking to change the rules of the game under which the company and the lawyers operate This is because “generations” just measure the degree of kinetic dispersal, and a broader frame of reference allows one to see more dispersion.

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