More links on Dozier Law Firm’s DirectBuy scandal

One of the hardest things about following the John Dozier scandal (well, the latest scandal, with DirectBuy — I’ve only done one post each on their handling of the SecureComputer and CuppyCoffee suits is the scale of the blogosphere’s response.

Besides Sean’s summary of DirectBuy’s malfeasance, a whole slew of blogs picked up the Ars Technica summary:

Blue’s News
Corporate critics feel the stinging lash of DMCA misuse.

Digg, Electronics Almanace, and Technology Owl:
Two recent cases show that companies aren’t always fans of criticism, and some will file misguided DMCA notices and defamation cases to scrub it from the Internet.

Techno Blogo
…a company called DirectBuy (perhaps you’ve seen their infomercials on TV) accused the owner of of defaming it by allowing critical postings that label the company a “scam” or a “nightmare.”…

That’s it for now!

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