Three bad games

Today was a football disaster

First, the drudge report headline says it all: Huskers suffer worst home loss since ’58
Nebraska 14, Oklahoma State 45

Second, the Big 12 South humiliates the Big 12 North
#6 Oklahoma 41, #11 Missouri 31

Third, #2 California, my sentimental favorite, had a chance to become number one, after
#1 LSU 37, #17 Kentuck 31
But it was not to be
Oregon State 31, #2 California #28

And as I’m writing this, Auburn, the team that beat us in the Cotton Bowl last year, survived Arkansas and somehow stays in the Top 25.
#22 Auburn 9, Arkansas 7


3 thoughts on “Three bad games”

  1. Ouch.

    At the alumni call center I'm starting to work at, we have a special drop down box to categorize people who won't donate while Huston Nutt is still coach. It will be interesting to see if they'll give a Heisman to a player who might not even play in a bowl game.

  2. Well, okay, there is no iluvmikeleach website.

    Predicted to finish 5th in Big-12 South, he's gettin' some luv in the polls this week.

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